Joyce Parker - Dept. of Geological Sciences

Assistant Professor

Joyce Parker recieved a doctorate in biochemistry in 1983 from Princeton University, after earning a bachelor's degree in chemistry from the University of Chicago in 1977. She earned certification as a secondary science teacher from Michigan State University in 1990.

As an assistant professor in the Division of Science and Mathematics Education (DSME) and the Teacher Education Department, her work focuses on effective science teaching at the secondary and postsecondary levels.

She is currently working with Drs. Duncan Sibley, John Merrill, Charles Anderson and Merle Heidemann to develop diagnostic questions for assessing students' understanding in biology and geology.

In collaboration with Jan Eberhardt and Drs. Mary Lundeberg and Matthew Koehler she is exploring the use of problem-based learning as a professional development tool for science teachers.

She teaches NSC 870, Teaching College Science, a course for graduate students in the sciences as well as TE 401, 402, 802 and 804. These latter are a series of four courses for prospective secondary science teachers: Crafting Teacher Practice, Reflection and Inquiry in Teaching.

She has a long-term interest in using embedded assessment to study and improve science courses.

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517.432.2152 x108

119 N. Kedzie Lab
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