Building Math Readiness: Parents as Partners

Presented by: Claudia Pagliaro 

The proposed poster will present preliminary results from year one of the Building Math Readiness in Young Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Children: Parents as Partners (MR:PP) Project funded by the Institute of Educational Science.  The Project addresses the critical problem of low achievement by deaf/hard-of-hearing students’ in mathematics (Ansell & Pagliaro, 2006; Traxler, 2000).  Recent studies indicate that this poor performance may begin prior to formal schooling (Kritzer, 2008; Leybaert & Van Cutsem, 2002). 

Making use of a framework grounded in cognitive theory, the Project works to facilitate early mathematical understanding in young deaf/hard-of-hearing children by working within the social context. The goal is to develop an online intervention that will help parents of young, deaf/hard-of-hearing children increase their child’s readiness for school mathematics by developing parents’ ability to include and mediate mathematical information in a natural manner through everyday activities.

Project results will be an instrumental resource for early intervention specialists, identifying key aspects of parent-child interaction and the mediation process that contribute to early learning. Findings from this project will also set the stage for subsequent research to evaluate the effectiveness of an online intervention to reach and educate populations with widespread geographical dispersion.