A Collaborative Process to Align Computing Education with Engineering Workforce Needs (CPACE I & II)

Presented by: Claudia Vergara 

For engineering education to prepare graduates to flourish in the new global economy, innovation and flexibility in curriculum design based on constituency input and quality improvement principles are necessary. We brought together post secondary educators and business, industry and community leaders in a collaborative process to transform undergraduate computing education within the engineering and technology fields. We collected data from our industrial stakeholders to identify the computational skills that are necessary for a 21st Century engineering workforce. Results from the analysis provide the foundation for implementation phase -- one of the lead funded research projects of the College of Engineering Center for Engineering Education Research (CEER). Our vision is to accomplish programmatic change beginning in two academic majors at MSU: Chemical Engineering and Civil Engineering including pre-engineering transfer courses at LCC. The overall process will be applicable in other similar institutions and other educational areas in addition to engineering.