EEES: Engaging Early Engineering Students

Presented by: Colleen McDonough

The EEES program targets retention of early engineering students at Michigan State University and Lansing Community College.

Early attrition in engineering programs is due to either (a) actual academic difficulties or (b) a student-perceived hostile educational environment. Analysis of MSU data has revealed key courses that are pivotal: early mathematics courses, first term physics, and a computational tools-for-problem-solving course. EEES presents a suite of four articulated programs that is designed to ease the transition of high school students into engineering, and thereby to increase the retention rate of early engineering students. EEES consists of (a) a program to provide formative assessments in the key courses with follow-on “bootstrapping” tutorials, (b) a supplemental instruction (SI) program for the key courses, (c) a program to directly engage engineering faculty.